The HexH2O™ Kit

Fast, heavy payloads, long flight times, housed gimbal and of course… ‘water safe’ Order now - only $1049

The HexH2o Waterproof Drone

The HexH2O kit is perfect for drone lovers who like to build…. Team it up with your favourite propulsion system, flight controller, gimbal and action camera and capture stunning stabilised video over land, water and now even underwater. Enjoy long flight times (25+mins) and capture 90° straight down video for those underwater shots. The HexH2O has a large hull so you have plenty of room to install additional components. It can also carry additional payloads of up to 2KG and now has optional quick release legs and payload release system. Check out some of our customer videos and images in the HexH2O Gallery.

Need more information?

If you have some questions or want to know more about the HexH2O, you can chat directly to a technician either via online chat, phone or email: contact QuadH2O today.

What’s Included


HexH2O™ Body

For DIY enthusiasts, the HexH2O kit allows you to build up your own machine using your preferred components. The kit includes all parts required to get the HexH2O ready for component installation.

What’s Required


Electrical Components

In order to get your HexH2O in the air, you’ll need all electrical components including; motors, ESC’s, flight controller, radio, camera/gimbal, flight batteries and a suitable charger.

A True Workhorse

25 minute flight times, 2kg payload, quick release legs and payload release… and did we mention it’s waterproof?

Fast & Agile

Easily keep up with power boats, jet ski’s and yachts. The HexH2O can achieve speeds in excess of 35mph.

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Built for the water!

Rain, snow, river, sea… the HexH2O is built for the water. Land, take off, manoeuvre on, and even film under water!


4K stabalized footage

The HexH2O houses all of its components, its ideal for mounting a small gimbal and action camera such as the GoPro inside the frame, so its fully protected from water and other elements. No more shaky videos… Enjoy super smooth shots both above and below the water!

Easy to fly

The HexH2O has easy, intuitive controls making it very easy to fly when paired with the Pixhawk flight controller or the DJI N3, A3 or NazaV2 flight controller. So now, both amateurs and pro’s can take to the sky (and water!).

Handmade frames

At QuadH2O we hand make and test all our frames in-house.


HexH2O™ frame Specs

Model HexH2O
Airframe Epoxy fibre composite
Frame weight (no electrics) 1400g
Absolute size (unfolded) W740 x H240 x L650 mm
Takeoff weight 4.7kg (fully loaded; 2 flight batteries, gimbal and GoPro)
Battery 6S 7000mAh (or more), 25C (Run two in parallel recommended)
Usable battery space W130 x H100 x L200mm, aperture: 120 x 90mm

Recommended Motors T-motor MN3515 400kv
Motor mount 16×19 mm pattern
Propellers T-motor 13″ Carbon
ESC T-motor Air 40A ESC
Forward speed ~56 km/h / ~35 miles/h (no wind)
Flight Time 25+ minutes (based on 14000mAh +)
Center of Gravity Inline with the center (fixed) arms
Max wind/gust 25 mph +
Max additional payload 2KG

quadh2o hexh2o sarah2o hexh2o pro v2
Name QuadH2O HexH2O SaraH2O HexH2O Pro v2
Price (from) $849 USD $1049 USD $4795 USD $6449 USD
Availabe As Kit (frame only) Kit (frame only) Ready to Fly Ready to Build, Ready to Fly
Weather Conditions Rain/snow, land on water Rain/snow, land on water Rain/snow, land on water Rain/snow, land on water
Film underwater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Film straight down Yes (fixed using GoPro adjustable mount) Yes Yes (not IR camera) Yes
Operating Range Up to 1km Up to 1km Up to 1km Up to 3.5km
Max flight time 12 mins 25 mins 25 mins 28 mins
Max payload 600g 2000g 1000g 1500g
Recommended Battery 4S 5000mAh
Lithium polymer
2 x 6S 7000mAh
Lithium polymer
2 x 6S 7000mAh
6S Lithium polymer
2 x 6S 8000mAh
6S Lithium polymer
Motor Redundancy No Yes Yes Yes
Camera Sony FPV & GoPro Hero 3, 3+ or 4 GoPro Hero 4 GoPro 4 + FlirVue/Pro DJI X3
Gimbal GOPRO external/hardmounted DJI H3-3D / H4-4D DJI H3-3D / H4-4D DJI X3
FPV Downlink Quality ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz, 480p ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz, 480p ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz, 480p DJI Lightbridge HD 1080p (720p when using payload release)
Camera Control Continuous record/video (when using GoPro) Continuous record/video Continuous record/video Start/stop record/video, shutter, exposure, playback
Flight Controller DJI Naza v2 DJI Naza v2 / A2 DJI Naza v2 / A2 DJI Naza N3 / A3

Frequently asked questions

Is the HexH2O™ waterproof?

The HexH2O is designed and developed to be a sealed, water tight unit, with exception of the two breather tubes (which allow the barometer within the flight controller to measure outside air pressure, and are designed to let air in/out but not water) and the motors.

The brushless motors are exposed but can run if wet (and even underwater), however we recommend you rinse them with fresh water after exposure to salt water to prolong the motors bearings.

What's It made out of?

The body is made of Epoxy fibre composite which makes it very strong, lightweight and rigid.

The viewing dome is perspex whilst the rear hatch and various internal parts are 3D printed.

The booms, top plate and motor mounts are carbon fibre.

Will it work with the DJI Naza & GPS?

Yes, in fact, we have designed the hull specifically around housing the DJI Naza & GPS.

It's also perfectly suited for the more advanced flight controllers such as the DJI Wookong-M and the A2 (other flight controllers can be used).

Can you recommend Gains settings for the Naza V2

These are a good starting point: Pitch:200% Roll:200% Yaw: 150% Vertical: 100% Atti Gain: 80% & 80%.

Can you recommend Gains settings for the A2 & Wookong-M

These are a good starting point: Pitch:200% Roll:200% Yaw: 150% Vertical: 100% Atti Gain: 80% & 80%.

Can you give me the GPS location settings?

Presuming you fit the GPS in the specified area, level and facing forward, they should be: X = -5cm | Y = 0 | Z = -8cm.

Can you give me the IMU location settings?

Please note these settings only apply to the DJI A2 and Wooking-M flight controllers.

Presuming you fit the IMU in the specified area, level and facing forward, they should be: X = 8cm | Y = 3cm | Z = 2cm.

It's a sealed unit...Doesn't it overheat?

As long as you stick to our build guidelines you should have no overheating issues.

We have tested the HexH2O in ambient temperatures of 38 degrees and due to the shape of the frame, layout of components and other various design elements introduced, we were able to eliminate the need for external heat sinks on the ESC's. The internal fan circulates the air inside and keeps everything at a stable temperature.

What flight times can I expect?

This will greatly depend on your setup, battery, internal components, payload etc. However based on our recommended set up (which you can find in our build guideline) and as per our RTF models you can expect a solid 22-25 minute flight times on a 2 Lipo setup and approx 15-17 minute flight times on a single Lipo setup.

These times are based on a fully loaded machine with no additional payload;

2 Lipos, GoPro, gimbal, downlink, OSD @ approx 4.7KG)

1 Lipo, GoPro, gimbal, downlink, OSD @ approx 3.87KG)

What size battery can it take?

We have run tests both with 1 and 2 6S Lipos ranging from 6-8000mAh. The HexH2O has a large battery compartment with inside dimensions of L180mm x W130mm x H100mm, aperture: 120mm x 90mm.

Longer flight times could be achieved with different weight and capacity batteries.

With 2 x 7000mAh lipo’s you should expect between 22-25mins flight time (depending on flight conditions)

How big is the HexH2O?

The overall size of the HexH2O is L650mm x W740mm x H240mm (unfolded).

The body size is L400mm x W380mm x H150mm.

Transport (box) size (when folded) would need to be W750mm x L380mm x H240mm (internal dimensions). We recommend and can supply the Peli 1780 case.

What does the HexH2O weigh?

The HexH2O kit (no electrics or batteries) weighs around 1.4kg.

When fully loaded with 2 x 7000mAh Lipos, GoPro, gimbal, downlink, OSD the HexH2o weighs approx. 4.7KG.

What motors and ESC's do you recommend?

The HexH2O has been designed and tested utilising the DJI E600 tuned propulsion system and that is what we recommend in order to achieve the best results from your HexH2O.

IMPORTANT: The HexH2O has ESC's mounts inside the hull specifically for the DJI E600 system. If you wish to use your own combination of motors/ESC's please contact us before placing your order.

Will the HexH2O work with other gimbals?

Technically any gimbal that physically fits inside the hull and has the same popular ‘hang under’ design as the DJI Zenmuse-h3-3d gimbal should be ok.

Do you supply a 'ready to fly' kit?

Yes, we do offer a ‘ready to fly’ HexH2O™.

Please visit our online store for more information.

Im buying the kit. What do I need to get in the air?

As a minimum the following additional items are required for the HexH2O kit:

- Radio receiver & transmitter
- Flight controller (such as the DJI NazaV2)
- 1 or more suitable 6s lipo batteries
- DJI E600 propulsion system

Optional Parts include

- Zenmuse gimbal & GoPro
- Video downlink/transmitter
- Ground Station (monitor & receiver)

*If buying our RTF kit, everything is included as standard, except your flight batteries*

Can I get it in any color?

The HexH2O V2 is available in yellow only.

Im buying a RTF kit, do I need to get anything else?

Yes, due to shipping regulations we do not supply flight batteries as standard (we can, and they are available to purchase via our store, but there is a shipping fee supplement).

Therefore it may be more cost effective to source your own flight batteries. Your RTF HexH2O will come with a XT60 or XT90 connectors.

Does the RTF kit have a live video feed?

Yes. Video is transmitted from the GoPro directly to the monitor attached to your transmitter on the ground. This is not via wifi, so there is no lag.

Does the RTF have navigation lights?

Not as standard no. But they can be ordered as a optional add-on when you configure your order.

The optional navigation lights are specially adapted so they are water resistant and are mounted on the underside of each motor mount.

How do I avoid dome reflections?

Reflections from shiny objects inside the HexH2O can be picked up on your camera - this something you can easily eliminate by ensuring all items inside the drone are not metallic or shiny. Your GoPro for example has a shiny surface, with may reflect onto the dome in sunny weather. This is why we supply a GoPro 'black out' sticker with each machine. Any other items such a batteries can be easily covered in black insulation tape. The better job you do at this the better results you will get.

All standard interior body parts on the HexH2O are already matt black.

How long before I get my order?

All our machines are hand built. Shipment lead time for the HexH2O Kit is approximately 7-10 working days from order.

The up-to-date estimated lead time can be found on the order page on our website.

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