Cache map data

So picture this. You want to fly in a remote location (say, out at sea), but there is no wifi and no network, but you want to be able to view map data whilst you a flying. No possible? Think again…

The DJI GO app has a neat option tucked away in its general settings called ‘Cache Maps in the Background’.

So before you leave the house (or internet connection area), do the following to cache the maps in DJI GO:

  • Power everything up and connect your mobile or tablet device to the Internet
  • Open DJI GO
  • Go to the desired flying location on the map
  • Zoom in to the desired zoom level
  • Scroll around on the map to load the map images in all areas where you want to fly

That’s it! When you open the DJI GO app and are located in that area, the map data will be available.

Note: The setting only exists on Apple devices, on Android devices will cache the map data automatically.