DJI GO video downlink settings

Press the HD icon at the top of the screen to enter video downlink settings.

This first thing you’ll notice is the Channel graph, as illustrated below:


The values on the X-axis represent the ISM radio communication band, and the values on the Y-axis represent noise,or signal interference.

Noise, measured in dBm, is displayed in negative values. The higher the absolute value of dBm, the lower the noise.

To put that into perspective, lower bars are better than higher bars. You’ll notice in the picture that the channel with the lowest bar has been automatically selected. The lower the noise, the lower the signal interference.

Should I use the automatic or custom setting?

We recommend new pilots use the Auto setting, especially when flying far away.

The strength of signal interference will change indifferent positions, so a strong signal channel may turn weak when you’ve flown to a new position.

The automatic setting will switch channels according to the situation.

The custom setting will stick to one channel.

Should I ever use the custom setting?

Yes! If you’re flying multiple drones in the same place, we recommend using the custom setting. This way, you’ll avoid interference caused by using the same channels.

How do I increase image transmission distance and prevent transmission disruption?

There’s not a lot you can do to increase distance with the automatic setting, but if you use the custom setting, you can lower the image transmission quality using the slider, as pictured below.


The lower the quality, the further you’ll be able to travel without losing signal.

Signal disruption:
You can mitigate signal disruption ‘Enable Hardware Decoding’ under General Settings. This will shift some of the burden of signal decoding from the app to the hardware.

Note: This setting can only be turned on and off in iOS; it’s switched on by default on Android devices.

Again, this can only help mitigate disruption, not prevent it entirely.

What are some other factors that affect image transmission?

1. Flight environment. Avoid environments with lots of interference.

2. The position remote controller’s antennas. Ensure they are both pointing straight up.