Reducing jello effect on the DJI X3 camera

There is nothing new about jello, it happens on most modern digital cameras, even some of the most expensive ones.

The main causes when experiencing ‘jello effect’ is micro vibrations. Some of the causes and remedies are listed below:

1. Out of balance props
This is the most common reason for experiencing jello. DJI E800 props used on the HexH2O PRO can sometimes come from the factory out of balance. We recommend obtaining a prop balancer (we can recommend the DuBro True-Spin balancer) and check all your props to ensure they are well balanced.

2. X3 Gimbal calibration
The X3 gimbal has a calibration feature built into the DJI GO app and can sometime be used to reduce jello effect.

3. ND filters
ND filters can be used with good effect to reduce mild jello effect. They do this by allowing you to reduce the cameras shutter speed. The DJI X3 camera used on the HexH2O PRO is supplied with a ND filter just for this purpose.

4. Shutter Speed
Incorrect shutter speed settings can also introduce jello like symptoms. Ideally your shutter speed should be set to around twice the recording speed. For example if recording at 30fps, the ideal shutter speed is 1/60. If it is much higher (e.g. 1/250 or 1/1000) then you can experience jello.