Manually downgrade DJI GO app version

Posted on July 31, 2017

As you will already know the latest version of the DJI GO app (v 1.1.13) has been released with some bugs, which result in false warnings being displayed on the app – this can also effect the flight of the drone using the app, as a safety precaution we released this notification asking customers not to fly their drones until DJI resolved the issues.

This issue only applies to HexH2O PRO v2 customers running DJI GO app version 1.1.13.

If you are stuck on this version of the app and need to fly your drone, we have obtained version from DJI which is safe to use.

In order to manually downgrade the DJI GO app please follow these instructions:

  • Download version from this link to your computer.
  • Once downloaded, open up iTunes and click on the ‘Apps’ dropdown (this will show a list of apps in your library).
  • Drag/drop the downloaded file ‘v3.1.11.ipa’ into iTunes
  • Now connect your iphone or ipad to iTunes.
  • Next to the ‘Apps’ drop down you will see a ipad or iphone symbol – select it.
  • In the left sidebar select ‘Apps’ from the list
  • You will now see a list of available Apps from your library in the left column and your ipad/iphone home screen in the right column.
  • Scroll down the App list until you find the DJI GO app (this will be version 1.1.13 that already installed on your device), select ‘remove’, then in the bottom right of the screen select ‘Apply’ (this will remove version 1.1.13 of the DJI GO app from your device.
  • Now repeat the process; find the DJI GO app from the left column (this will now be version that you have just installed to iTunes) and click ‘Install’ followed by the ‘Apply’ button.
  • If you now check on your iphone/ipad you will see the DJI GO app icon. Open it.
  • If when opening the app you are presented with this warning please follow these steps:
    Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Pick from list -> Select Trust “developer”
  • Once you have the DJI GO app open you will be prompted to accept the DJI terms.
  • You then need to sign into your DJI account and check the downgrade is complete.
  • From within the app go to ‘ME’ in the bottom right corner and sign in.
  • Once signed in go to the ‘Settings’ tab where you will see the current version of the app (right at the bottom of the page) – if you have completed the downgrade successfully is will state ‘v3.1.10.2

If you are having difficulties carrying out this downgrade and require assistance please contact us for assistance.