The QuadH2O™ RTF

Ready to fly, easy to use, fast, agile and ‘water safe’

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The QuadH2o Waterproof Drone

Fast, agile and waterproof, the ‘ready to fly’ QuadH2O is perfect for fun flying over water. The supplied mini FPV camera, mounted inside the body (behind the dome) allows you to fly FPV for trilling over water action. Easily mount your favourite action camera (either hard mounted or on a gimbal) to the underside of the QuadH2O and capture your adventures to share with the world.

Your RTF QuadH2O will come pre-built, sealed, configured and tested, so you can have total piece of mind when flying over water. Just add your chosen flight batteries and take to the sky (or water!).

Check out some of our customer videos and images in the QuadH2O Gallery.

Need more information?

If you have some questions or want to know more about the QuadH2O, you can chat directly to a technician either via online chat, phone or email: contact QuadH2O today.

What’s Included


Professional Build

Your QuadH2O will be built, configured and bench tested in-house by one of our technicians.


Electrical Components

Your build will include all required electrical components including; Propulsion system, flight controller, radio transmitter and receiver, FPV camera, video downlink, monitor, antennas and associated chargers.

What’s Required



In addition to the supplied FPV camera, you may wish to add your own GoPro (or similar) camera which can be mounted on the underside of the QuadH2O.


Flight Batteries & Charger

Add your preferred flight batteries and a suitable charger (these can be purchased with your order if required).

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Fast & Agile

Fly at up to 45mph with GPS positioning support and a powerful motor/prop/ESC combo. Perfect for chasing boats and jet ski’s.






All weather flying

Rain, snow, river, sea… the QuadH2o is built for all weather flying with total peace of mind.



Fly FPV (first person view) with a live video feed direct from the supplied on-board mini FPV camera, transmitted via the Spironet and Patch antennas for maximum range. This feeds down to the 7″ color monitor with built in diversity receiver, which neatly attaches to the supplied radio transmitter.


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Easy to fly

The QuadH2O has intuitive controls making it very easy to fly when paired with the NazaV2 flight controller. So now, both amateurs and pro’s can take to the sky.

waterproof gimbal


Enjoy 2 axis stabilized footage from your action camera with piece of mind whilst flying over water. The optional waterproof gimbal (order via our store) is mounted on the underside of the QuadH2O with a live video feed straight to the supplied monitor.

View the live feed from the onboard FPV camera or the GoPro with a flick a switch on your radio transmitter using the supplied video switcher*.

*Supplied with the Waterproof Gimbal
Note: Due to the extra weight, flight times with gimbal installed are approximately 7-8 minutes.

Professionally Built

Your RTF QuadH2O will be built, configured and bench tested by one of our in-house technicians.

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QuadH2O™ ‘Ready to fly’ Specs


Model QuadH2O
Airframe Epoxy fibre composite
Frame weight (no electrics) 640 g
Absolute size (with legs) W540 x H260 x L370mm (610mm diagonal)
Frame only size (motor to motor) Front 505mm, rear 405mm, front to back 330mm
Ground clearance 128mm (from camera mount)
Takeoff weight 1.6kg
Battery 3S-4S 4000mAh (or more) 25C single LiPo pack – 4S recommended
Usable battery space Rear aperture 55mm diameter. Max battery thickness 36mm
Motor mount 16×19 mm pattern
Max forward speed ~72 km/h / ~45 miles/h (no wind)
Flight Time 7- 10 minutes
*please note that flight times are approximate and will be effected depending on your configuration and take off weight.
Center of Gravity approx. 160mm back from the dome seal
Behaves like TBS Discovery
Recommended max wind/gust 18mph/25mph (limited by pilot ability)
Max additional payload 800g
Camera SONY 1/3 Super HAD II CCD
Camers Lens 3.6mm board lens
Image 550 TV Line
Power input 5-15v DC
Size 20 x 20mm
Video Transmitter ImmersionRC 25mw or TBS 25mw | CE/FCC certified
Range (open area) Up to 1000m
Make FlySky Black Pearl
Screen Type TFT LCD Screen/long life, LED backlight
Resolution 1024×600
Features Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual diversity receiver (automated best reception)
Built-in 2CH 5.8Ghz AV output and 1CH AV input
Support 9 languages menu selection
Make 2 x ImmersionRc Spironet RH Antennas
Make ImmersionRc RH Patch Antenna
Name Turnigy
Model nano-tech
Capacity 4000 mAh
Voltage 14.8 V
Battery Type LiPo 4S High voltage battery
Discharge 25C Constant / 50C Burst
Net Weight 430 g
Dimensions 153 x 49 x 27mm
Max Charge Rate (C) 5C
Plug Type XT60

Make T-Motor Air Gear 350
ESC 20A 3-4S 600Hz refresh
Motor 920KV short shaft brushless
Propeller 9.5 x 4.5 prop
Name DJI NazaV2 with GPS
Operating Temperature 2.4GHz ISM
Communication Distance(open area) -10°C ~ 50°C
Assistant Software Requirements Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac
Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode) Vertical: ±0.8m
Horizontal: ±2.5m
Max Tilt Angle 35°
Ascent / Descent 6m/s, 4.5m/s
Weight MC:27g
Dimensions MC: 45.5mm x 32.5mm x 18.5mm
PMU: 39.5mm x 27.5mm x 10.0mm
GPS & Compass 46mm(diameter)x10mm
LED: 25mm x 25mm x 7.0mm
Built In Functions Multiple Autopilot Control Mode
Enhanced Fail-safe
Low Voltage Protection
S-Bus Receiver Support
PPM Receiver Support
Independent PMU Module
Name DJI DT7
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz ISM
Range (open area) 1000m
General 2-stick, 7-channel
Working Current 100mA @ 6V
Battery Internal / USB rechargable
Charging DJI USB lead
Receiver Type 2.4GHz D-BUS System
Receiving Sensitivity(1%PER) -97dBm
Working Current 145mA @ 5V
Power Supply 4~8.4V
Size 41mm X 29mm X 5mm
Weight 10g









Videos Customers


Copter Bill  – Flight Test

Want more?

Check out our customer video and picture gallery featuring the QuadH2O and HexH2O waterproof drones. QuadH2O Gallery.

Frequently asked questions

Is the QuadH2o™ waterproof?

The body of the QuadH2O is a sealed unit so is watertight. The only exposed components are the motors.

Brushless motors can run underwater, however we recommend after exposure to salt water since them with fresh water to prolong the motors bearings.

What's It made out of?

The body is made of Epoxy fibre composite which makes it very strong and rigid. The legs from Epoxy carbon/fibre composite. The viewing dome is perspex whilst the fasteners are stainless steel.

Will it work with the DJI Naza & GPS?

Yes, in fact, we have designed the hull specifically around housing the DJI Naza & GPS and this is what we include with our RTF version (though other flight controllers can be used).

Can you recommend Gains settings for the Naza V2

These are a good starting point: Pitch:201% Roll:137% Yaw: 140% Vertical: 178% Atti Gain: 110% & 110%.

Can you give me the GPS location settings?

Presuming you fit the GPS in the specifies area, level and facing forward, they should be: X = 10cm | Y = 0 | Z = -5cm.

It's a sealed unit...Doesn't it overheat?

As long as you stick to our build guidelines you should have no overheating issues. We include heat sinks with each kit to ensure the ESCs remain at optimum temperature during flight. We have fully tested the QuadH2o™ in ambient temperatures of 38 degrees.

What flight times can I expect?

This will greatly depend on your setup, battery capacity, FPV equipment, motors etc. Essentially the more components and weight you add the shorter the flight times will be.

Based on our recommended set up you can achieve approx. 10 minute flight times (Hard mounted GoPro, FPV @ approx. 1.6KG).

The 4s 4000mAh NanoTech fits in nicely and will give you around 9-10mins with the above setup (flying when fully loaded with a hard mounted GoPro).

For longer flight times try the ReadyMade RC. 4s 5100mah Lipo or the Desire Power 5200mAh, which should give you anything from 10-14mins.

Note: When adding the Swell Pro waterproof gimbal with our recommended setup expect flight times of approximately 7-8mins.

What size battery can it take?

4s Lipo. The opening at the rear of the QuadH2o™ will allow a battery that is up to 57mm from corner to corner. And a battery height of approx. 36mm.

How big is the QuadH2o?

The dimensions motor to motor are; front 505mm, rear 405mm, front to back 330mm.

What does the QuadH2o weigh?

The complete QuadH2o frame is approx 640g.

With FPV, electrics, battery and GoPro (eg fully loaded) you are looking at approx 1.6kg.

What motors do you recommend?

There are many great motors available that will do the job, however we have had great results using the T-Motor Air Gear 360 and also the 2216 900kv motors, both tested with 9.5 and 10″ props.

Any good quality short shaft motor of between 800 – 900kv and with a 19×16 mount pitch should do the job!

Im buying a RTF kit, do I need to get anything else?

Yes, due to shipping regulations we do not supply flight batteries as standard (we can but there is a shipping fee supplement).

Therefore it may be more cost effective to source your own flight batteries. Your RTF QuadH2O will come with a XT60 connector.

Can I get it in any color?

The QuadH2o is available in yellow only.

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