DJI N3 Assistant settings for the HEXH2O PRO V3

Posted on September 13, 2018

If you update or downgrade the DJI N3 firmware, you will be prompted by the Assistant Software to re-import all configuration settings.

This is because all settings will be reset to DJI’s default settings – you must not attempt to fly on these default settings.

For your convenience we have listed screen shots of all required settings for the HEXH2O PRO V3.

When you first receive your drone or after updating the firmware, please check all settings via the Assistant Software to ensure they match those listed below. Once checked you can take a backup of the configuration settings for future use.

If in doubt please contact us!


Take special note of the FC installation direction which must be set to ‘Backward’. Also the GPS and IMU location settings which must match those listed below:


If required, you can adjust the ‘motor idling’ and ‘motor test speed’ when performing a ‘motor test’. The motor test is normally ideal between 5 – 8%.


You can adjust the gains settings as you see fit to match your own flying style. These are our base settings for you to fine tune.


The failsafe RTH switch can remain ‘unset’ as is is pre-configured when using the LB2 controller. Here you can also set the RTH altitude and action (this can also be set via the DJI GO app).


Adjust the first level ‘low battery warning’ as you see fit. These are our default settings.


Activate and adjust the max flight altitude limit as you see fit (disabled by default).


IOC switch can remain ‘unset’ and this is pre-configured when using the LB2 controller.


Both GPS and IMU should be green – if red they may require calibration.

Note – IMU and GPS calibration is required when you first receive your drone. Please refer to our User Manual for more information.

If you are running the payload release system, your F8 channel output will be set to D5: