Installing OSMO firmware to the X3 camera

Posted on August 30, 2017

In order to use the X3 camera on our drones, you must first install the latest DJI OSMO firmware to the camera.

To do that you will need a OSMO handle. This can be purchased directly from our website or from DJI. This also enables you to use your X3 camera as a handheld gimbal if you choose.

  • First, download the DJI GO app from the Apple app store to your phone (for these instructions we will presume you are using a iPhone for the update).
  • Insert an SD card into the X3 camera.
  • Connect the X3 camera to the OSMO handle and power on the handle.
  • Go to your phones WIFI settings and connect to the OSMO handle.
  • Open the DJI GO app and connect to the OSMO handle.
  • You will then be prompted to download and install the latest OSMO firmware to the X3 camera.
  • Follow the in screen instructions until the installation process is complete (it will confirm this on screen).

The X3 camera is now ready to be used on your HEXH2O PRO V2. If you ever want to upgrade the firmware you should do so using the instructions above, however this is not a requirement.

Only OSMO firmware should be used when operating the X3 camera on the HEXH2O PRO V2.


For manual firmware installation, firmware versions can be downloaded from below:

OSMO version – 31/08/2017
OSMO version – 22/06/2017
OSMO version – 28/09/2016

How to upgrade OSMO Firmware