HexH2O™ Kit


The HexH2O is the worlds first production waterproof drone to house a gimbal. The HexH2O drone allows you to take fully-stabilized video from both above and below the water.

The DIY HexH2O kit provides all parts required to build up the frame ready for you to for your own electrical components (the HexH2O kit does not include any electrical components).

Designed for the DJI NazaV2, Wookong-M, A2 or Pixhawk flight controller, the HexH2O has plenty of room for optional components such as the DJI iPad Ground Station, BTU, OSD and Lightbridge. There is also room for a gimbal and GoPro camera, all of which can be mounted on the supplied electrics tray.

Enjoy up to 25 minute flight times† and total piece of mind when flying this waterproof drone over water.

For more information visit the HexH2O Kit page.

* We also supply a RTF version of the HexH2O
† Based on our recommended setup

Available to order.


Delivery Info Please allow approx. 2wks for delivery.