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The HexH2O waterproof drone!

Each machine is professionally built, sealed, configured and bench tested by a QuadH2O technician. All you need to do is add your chosen flight battery, make a few checks, calibrate your compass and FLY!

Full specification of the HexH2O drone can be found here: HexH2O RTF Specifications.



  • Flight controller

    The flight controller is an essential part of any drone. Features include failsafe, return to home, auto take off, GPS lock, homelock and much more. Your selected flight controller will be installed and tested by a QuadH2o technician.

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    • 1245 $

    Please note : We recommend selecting one of our upgrade radio transmitters from below. The Dt7 transmitter does not have enough channels to support the A2.

    Propulsion system

    Included as standard. The E600 is a powerful, reliable and efficient propulsion system. The propulsion system will be installed and tested by a QuadH2o technician.

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    Radio Transmitter

    We have a wide selection of 2.4Ghz radio transmitters for your RTF HexH2o. If you have a specific radio in mind that is not listed below, please do let us know. Your selected radio will be configured and tested by a QuadH2o technician.

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    If you don't have a GoPro camera you can add one to your order below.

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    • 510 $

    Camera gimbal

    The 3-axis GoPro gimbal, designed for the GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero 4. This high precision gimbal offers superior stability with plug and play features. Your selected gimbal will be installed and tested by a QuadH2o technician.

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    FPV / Video Downlink

    Get a live video feed from your GoPro direct to the supplied 7" ground monitor, which is neatly attached to your radio transmitter.

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    • 1250 $

    FPV Monitor

    Included as standard. The industry leading Black Pearl 7" color monitor, with integrated diversity receiver, sun hood and battery. It also includes Spironet and Patch antenna's to ensure the best possible video reception.

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    Travel/Flight case

    The Peli 1780  - crushproof, dustproof, airtight, watertight and with a lifetime guarantee this is the perfect travel case for the HexH2o. Your case interior will be custom fitted to your order by a QuadH2o technician.

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    Shipping supplement

    Peli flight case increases the overall shipping size and weight of your delivery (+22kg). Due to this increase in size and weight there is an additional shipping charge.

    Please select your shipping region from below and the charges will be automatically added to your cart.

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    Flight Batteries

    Specifically for the demands of multirotors the Tattu flight battery has unbeatable quality that offers premium power and reliability. Run two batteries in parallel for 25+min flight times.

    IMPORTANT - please note that due to new aviation laws it is no longer possible to transport these batteries by air. Subsequently we are only able to supply flight batteries to Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico. If you are located elsewhere you will need to purchase your flight batteries locally.

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    Shipping supplement

    Flight batteries are classed as 'dangerous goods' and unfortunately incur a shipping surcharge.

    These charges will be automatically added to our standard shipping fee at checkout.

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    Flight Battery Charger

    The SKYRC D100 is a twin-channel 10 amp charger with two independent circuits, so you can charge two flight batteries simultaneously. 

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    Additional options

    Below are some carefully selected optional add-ons for your ultimate flying machine.

    Please note BTU, iPad Ground Station and Lightbridge options all require the DJI CAN-HUB.

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    • 55 $
    • 155 $
    • 204 $
    • 74 $

    Please note : If selecting the Payload Release you will require the Futaba 10J or 14SG radio transmitter. The standard Dt7 radio transmitter does not have enough channels to support the Payload Release.


Delivery Info All our machines are hand made to order. Please allow approx. 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Need Help? If you need help configuring your order please contact us via email or live chat and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.